Learn to Fence in 2010!

Located in Concord, California, Swordplay Fencing Academy is a fully equipped fencing school. We offer group lessons and private instruction in foil, épée, and sabre for men and women of all ages. Swordplay is open to everyone, from people just looking for a fun sport and good exercise, to those interested in competitive level fencing. Our team regularly attends tournaments throughout the year.

Fencing is an excellent antidote to stress. It offers aerobic conditioning, development of muscular strength, improved balance and coordination, greater flexibility, and a framework for strategic and tactical thinking. Fencing is a great sport for children and teenagers, as it teaches self-reliance and self-confidence, good sportsmanship, and improves the ability to focus, analyze, and concentrate.

Our Coach

George Platt

Swordplay's founding coach and fencing master, he has been coaching since 1975. George has a lifetime involvement in athletics and competitive sports. His students have been successful at all levels.



Come Play

Swordplay is equipped with everything a beginning student needs to start fencing.


Introductory membership is $85 for the first month of instruction. This membership gives the beginner all the benefits of regular membership and access to Swordplay's equipment You can be a regular member through one of two plans.
- Our monthly membership is an automatic payment plan that charges $97 a month to a credit card. If you prefer to pay by check, our quarterly plan is $320 for three months and we will send a notice when it is time to renew. Membership allows you to use the club's equipment and attend any and all group classes you wish.

Youth foil classes (for ages 12 and under) are $63 for five classes; membership fee of $45 per year is required. Private lessons with fencing master George Platt are $35 for 1/2 hour of instruction, or $235 for ten lessons. Membership in the club is required for private lessons.

Swordplay Hours
Monday 4:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Tuesday 4:30 PM to close
Wednesday 4:00 PM to close
Thursday 4:30 PM to close
Saturday 9:30 AM to close

If you have questions or would like an information packet, please call or e-mail us.

1061 Shary Circle, #A1
Concord, CA 94518
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